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Testing & Tagging Sydney

Occupational health and safety legislation in NSW requires all employers to ensure they provide a safe working environment without the hazard or any risk to its employees and visitors. Any dangers related to electrical equipment and maintenance must be identified and repaired immediately. Contact Active 1 Electrical for the safest and professional testing and tagging in Sydney.


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Our services for testing and tagging in Sydney include inspecting, testing, and maintaining equipment, to ensure the following:

  • Equipment is in working order
  • It is being maintained by a competent person on site
  • It is being safely operated on a day-to-day basis
  • Any equipment deemed unsafe is disconnected from the electricity supply
  • Any equipment deemed unsafe is repaired, replaced, or permanently removed
  • Checking equipment to ensure they are not being exposed to moisture, heat, vibration, corrosive substances, or any element likely to cause damage

We can make your workplace or property a safer environment and take the stress off your shoulders by conducting the required testing and tagging inspections under NSW legislation, and ensuring equipment is repaired in a timely manner without disruption.

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