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Exit & Emergency Lighting

Fully functional exit and emergency lighting are essential to any building to ensure staff, customers, and tenants are led to safety. All exit and emergency installations must be constructed in accordance with Australian Standards 2293.2.

Regular testing of exit and emergency areas is required to ensure the system is compliant. Testing involves a 90-minute battery power down (discharge) test to verify that all exit and emergency lighting are fully functional, and the battery will withstand a black-out or fire.


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Our services for exit and emergency areas include:

  • Installation of exit signs (recessed and surface mount)
  • Emergency lighting (battens)
  • Basement lighting
  • Emergency spitfires (recessed and surface mount)
  • Emergency test kits
  • Emergency testing and record-keeping

Regular 6-month compliance checks available to ensure your property is fulfilling its safety obligations under legislative requirements.

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