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Active 1 Electrical Services: Professional Electrical Contractors In Sydney

At Active 1 Electrical services, we believe that any electrical and communication needs should be met with solutions that last. As leading electrical contractors in Sydney, we always look for the best solutions that can work for your property long-term.

The good installation of an electrical supply goes far beyond just electrical wiring & rewiring. It involves complying with regular building codes and setting up a system that doesn’t need frequent electrical repairs.

Our years of experience, knowledge of the electrical industry, and commitment to customer service make us one of the best electrical companies in Sydney. At Active 1 Electrical Services, we not only make sure your power is working but also ensure it stays that way.

Why You Need Professional Electrical Services

It’s easy to find general Sydney electrical contractors & service providers, but it’s difficult to find professional electrical contractors in Sydney. Professional electrical company in Sydney will have a firm grasp of the basics of electrical installation, but will also understand the specific demands of the job.

Having your electrical system professionally installed can help you avoid the following issues in the future:

  • Expensive repairs and replacements
  • Electrical failures or wiring accidents
  • Obsolete electrical systems that don’t conform to building code
  • Mysteriously increasing electrical bills
  • Flickering lights and appliance dysfunction
  • Compromised security system
  • Electrical fires, electrical shocks, and other dangerous incidents

Hiring professional electrical contractors in Sydney can give you the peace of mind that you have the best possible setup for all your electrical needs, whether it’s a light control solution for your home or HVAC electrical installations for your business.


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Complete Design, Supply, And Installation Of All Electrical Services

At Active 1 Electrical, we pride ourselves on our wide array of services compared to other Sydney electrical contractors.

Commercial And Industrial Electrical Work

Being one of the leading electrical companies in Sydney for industrial and commercial electrical installation, we understand a business’s need for quality commercial electrical and mechanical services. Our accredited Sydney electricians specialize in providing complete electrical solutions to industrial and commercial establishments, ensuring that their systems can handle the demands of their business.

Domestic And Residential Lighting Installations

Our Sydney electricians are expertly trained to identify and resolve lighting issues inside residential buildings. Being a trusted electrical company in Sydney, we always bring the best products and solutions for our clients, whether you’re looking to replace old lighting for quality of life improvements or a complete lighting overhaul. We also ensure that your new lights are never incompatible with your usual power demands, so you avoid expensive electrical bills. These minute but important aspects make us electrical contractors in Sydney that people trust for their electrical needs.

Garden And Deck Area Lighting Installation

One of our most popular commercial electrical installations involves fitting, service, and maintenance requests for outdoor lighting solutions. Our Sydney electricians make sure that your outdoor electrical systems are resilient against weather, regular use, and general wear and tear. These safeguards can include complete powerpoint installation and repair, weatherproofing your lighting, and securing exposed electrical wiring.

Maintenance, Controls, And Emergency Electrical Installations

We also install lighting in areas dedicated to electrical maintenance and controls, helping your employees better navigate the workplace. Our electrical services in this area include routine checkups of your emergency lighting, discharge tests, and installation of emergency kits while ensuring your building complies with the regulatory code. This also ensures that your staff or customers can quickly and safely evacuate your property in case of fire or other accidents.

Electrical Testing And Tagging

As your trusted electrical contractors in Sydney, we also help safeguard your workplace from any accidents between your electrical system and your equipment. With the installation of safety switches, equipment testing, and screening for environmental hazards, Our specialist Sydney electricians make sure that your business follows all occupational health and safety guidelines. We also offer switchboard installation, testing, and repair for large workplaces.

Whether you have a small household that needs electrical rewiring or a new commercial establishment that’s trying to cut down on lighting bills, our electrical company in Sydney has solutions for all your electrical needs. Our electrical services are professional and personalised to the demands of your particular concern, right down to the pricing.

Why Choose Us

Active 1 Electrical Services has years of experience and upholds itself to high standards compared to other electrical construction companies in Sydney. If you’re looking for a hassle-free electrical company in Sydney, we should be your #1 choice.

Level 2 Accredited Service Providers In Sydney

All of our Sydney Electricians have been trained and certified to work on overhead and underground electrical work. This is especially crucial for commercial electrical contractors in Sydney because of the dense electrical lines that run through the metro. Only Level 2 electricians are licensed to work on improving your connection to the primary power supply with no risk to your existing electrical systems.

Qualified & Trained Technicians & Electricians

With over a decade of combined experience in our team, we’re confident that we can bring you high-quality solutions that other electrical contractors in Sydney. Many of our clients consider us one of the easiest electrical companies in Sydney to work with, due to our commitment to providing solutions that last. Whether it’s installation, refurbishment, or replacement, our Sydney electricians have the experience needed to take on the job.

24 Hour Emergency Electrical Repair Services

Electrical accidents can be big or small, but they should always be attended to immediately. Our emergency electricians in Sydney are always ready to help you through any problems in your electrical system, no matter the time and place. Just call us, briefly describe the nature of your electrical emergency, and we’ll have someone sent over to your place.

Being a leading electrical company in Sydney, we always aim for a smooth customer experience and a comprehensive solution to any lighting or electrical concerns you may have. Our trained Sydney electricians can easily identify, explain, and resolve questions you may have, with recommendations on how to avoid similar problems in the future.

Contact Us Today For All Your Electrical Service And Maintenance Needs

At Active 1 Electrical Services, we strive to bring comprehensive solutions at affordable prices and always bring the best products and experience to address our client’s electrical needs. So if you’re looking for reliable electrical services and the best Sydney electrical contractors, contact us today!


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